Metaphysical Anatomy Technique TRAINING

If opening up your intuition (that third eye stuff) sounds good to you, and if discovering and developing! your own hidden healing and transformational abilities sounds even better, then please book my upcoming class. But wait, there's more ! You are also getting certified, and also receiving ongoing (also live) support from the MAT community, plus a library of webinars and live Q&As with Evette. And that's not all ! You are connecting, practicing, and even forming friendships with amazing people like you. 


You don`t need any previous training in anything. Truly. You can use this technique on yourself, your family, or incorporate it into your practice. As long as you can read, listen, and are ready and willing to take the responsibility of working on yourself and those aspects of your life that need improvement, then you`re in and I can`t wait to meet you ! 

Metaphysical Anatomy Technique
Level 1 Certification Courses

( Level 2 coming up later this summer / fall )

July 27 - 29 (Tue - Thu)
Language - English
Live on Zoom

10 am - 4 pm EST (United States)

  3 pm - 9 pm GMT (United Kingdom)

 5 pm - 11 pm EET (Eastern Europe)

6 pm - 12 am UAE (Arab Emirates)

Investment in yourself : $495
Payments are non-refundable. You can however transfer your spot to a friend or family member.

"An awareness of one's mortality can lead you to wake up and live an authentic, meaningful life."

                                                                     Bernie Siegel