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Good day ! I am Zsaana.

I connect. Down here and up there.

Some would call me a "healer" but actually... I'm not. Language, labels and denominations deceive, only you can heal yourself. You may just need the right piece of information or some guidance.

Some of the "down here", are animals I connect to. They have issues just like we do. They may hate that blue bowl you so proudly brought home for them the other day, or they may get sad that you didn`t have a good day at work, and they may take over that stress for you and even develop symptoms later.

Animals are in tune with what some call The Collective Consciousness, they know that humans messed up and won`t refrain from expressing it.


Some of the stuff I studied (and forever keep on learning) are Quantum work and healing, Functional Nutrition, Trauma Release, Raw Food Nutrition for dogs, Acute Homeopathy... you never know what's gonna come handy :-) 

Over twenty years ago I studied Astrology for a while and through it I got acquainted to the fascinating world of Psychosomatics. Analogies and metaphors, along with creating with energy - distantly and locally (which started in childhood) ... that was my world ! I practiced and lived for a while according to those principles and something magical happened (...) ! Then later something not so magical happened and poof! It was gone... But the experience and its teachings remained and in the past few years magic started happening again.

(I know, this whole paragraph sounds a bit 'secretive' but I dont like to write about my life online.)

I am an Empath to the stars and back and that got me into trouble to many times to count. If you are one of those then you know exactly what I`m talking about.

My fortes ? My passion for helping people and for constantly learning, my intuition, my seemingly endless patience.

I am also an artist. I drew these hands in the background here when I was fourteen. I worked in the Animated Cartoon Industry for almost twenty years where I also managed two drawing departments for a few glorious years. I restored antiques, did small carpentry... pretty much all kinds of stuff that require hand work and patience. I taught languages, drawing, and whatever else I knew and was able to teach others. I make jewelry and I am the proud mama of PinkOwlJewelry on Etsy, which is talking a break now. it`s a very relaxing hobby and it fulfills my fascination for color.

I've got dog and cat hair on my heart and should probably be throwing up hairballs every other day. Thank God for hairball control ! I smooch furballs so you might find one up my nose one day.


What`s My Story ? Where did I come from other than my mama`s womb, and how did I get here (hint: first by plane) ? I'll only tel l'ya if you're truly interested :-)

Love, peace and pets,


(not your regular guide)


"Think positive.
For example: I fell down the stairs today and thought - Wow, I sure fell down those stairs fast!"
- unknown

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