"I want the weirdos, the clumsy, fumbling, awkward ones who call themselves a big mess.

That's where it's at. Give me the ones whose eyes

are colored with shades of madness.

Throw me in a room with the loners, the ones who never found their place.

Sit me down at the table with the dreamers, the ones who feel with their eyes and see with their hearts. Surround me with the extraordinary souls who inhale passion through their fingertips, and exhale creativity from masterpieces in their own bones.

I want to dance with the ones who break their own hearts because they only know how to love too hard or not at all.

Build a path with the pieces of the broken ones.

I will follow the trail and carry each piece back to its owner, showing them the stained glass pieces of their beautiful, broken, magnificence."


                                    Stephanie Bennett-Henry

"Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within."
                                                                        Mate Gabor